The streamer emission lightning rod, once again in the spotlight of IPLS 2018

Last October, FRANKLIN FRANCE attended the 4th ILPS (International Lightning Protection Symposium) held in Shenzhen, China. Yannick HENAFF, as Managing Director of FRANKLIN FRANCE, spoke about the benefits and the particularities of ESE lightning conductors. This technology has been mastered by FRANKLIN FRANCE and the Lightning Protection SBU thanks to years of research and experience, resulting in a range of products which is unique in the market. The ACTIVE4D® protection centre includes a connected lightning rod, built-in meter and thunderstorm detector, it was launched in 2015 and remains the most innovative system for lightning protection.

The FRANKLIN FRANCE delegation included its CNRS research consultant, Gérard BERGER, as well as Olivier TROUSSE, the company's R&D manager, who shared their experience during discussions at the Symposium's.