SICAME INDIA has been growing strongly for 5 years and is a strategic regional development area for the Group

With an average annual growth rate of 20% that has continued for 5 years, SICAME INDIA has become a strategically important subsidiary for the Asia-Pacic region in the face of the rapid economic development of this part of the world.

Its multi-DAS capabilities have also enabled the company to become an essential gateway for all of the Group’s Strategic Business Units (SBUs).

After doubling its production capacity at the beginning of the year, SICAME INDIA will achieve the Group’s best performance in 2018 with more than 50% growth in its sales and profitability.

This favourable situation is undoubtedly linked to the Indian Government's determination to push ahead with its flagship projects: 'Power to all' and 'Digital India', so that all the country's inhabitants have access to both electricity and the Internet. India considers access to both as part of a citizen's basic rights. Efforts continue in parallel for rural electrification to provide free access to electricity for each household (last mile connection).

SICAME INDIA has taken advantage of these opportunities to adapt its development strategy to meet new demands, particularly in the electricity distribution and telecoms sectors.

But it was firstly through its ability to design and manufacture products meeting the its customers' standards and expectations that the company was able to establish itself.

Beyond the already huge Indian market, Sicame India plays an international role for the Group, particularly for the Transmission SBU products.

And with its accredited testing and engineering centre (SITEC - Sicame India Testing & Engineering Centre, a member of the SICAME Lab network), the development of new products in existing markets, as well as in emerging markets such as telecoms and solar power, promises a good future for the company and for the Group in its development strategy.

Last but not least, we welcome the excellent work done collectively by the SICAME INDIA team, as well as the outstanding skills, ambition and enthusiasm of all employees.