SICAME INDIA, continuing collaboration with ADANI ELECTRICITY on medium-voltage underground networks

SICAME INDIA, continuing collaboration with ADA­NI ELECTRICITY on medium-voltage underground networks. SICAME INDIA was selected as one of its main suppliers by ADANI ELECTRICITY, the main electricity distribution network operator in Mumbai. The products selected include 11 KV and 33 KV un­derground junctions with mechanical connectors and three-layer monotube heat-shrinkable insulation providing for the accessory’s electrical function in a single step. This technology was the focus of a spe­cification upgrade programme initiated 2 years ago with the support of experts from DR APAC and the Distribution SBU in France. Final assembly of an MV junction.

In IoT, SICAME INDIA installed wireless temperature sensors “IoT SICAME M3 series” on the ADANI site in Mumbai. These sensors, the size of a computer keyboard button, transmit an operating report every 15 minutes via a gateway included in the pack to the dedicated IoT SICAME platform. This technology will enable multiple uses for monitoring the condition of the facilities in real time.

Final assembly of an MV junction.