Sicame Group went BIG at 2016 IEEE T&D Conference & Exposition!

Participating from the Sicame Group were our local subsidiary Cicame Energie (Transmission), Sicame Corp (Distribution) and ASK Power (Tools).

From the Transmission segment, we wowed the visitors with some large product displays of Hardware, Fittings as well as Spacer and Vibration Dampers. Guests were impressed by our complete range of conductors for overhead Transmission lines

No one could resist picking up one of the tools at the ASK Power booth! Our experts in Compression solutions enjoyed spending time with visitors - explaining product and giving tool demos.

Regarding the Distribution solutions, the JUPRF™ series for the underground application was certainly attention grabbers. Our specialists stayed busy answering technical questions and demonstrating the Cold Shrink accessories.

Sicame Group had a robust range of the latest distribution solutions including the Starpole®, Compression products, MTRS ™, USM ™, TTD ™, TTDC ™ as well as the Piranha ™ Series! Our experts gave remarkable live demonstrations of those products.

Whether you missed our interactive demos the first time around or you simply want to re-watch them, now's your chance!

Watch product demo videos >

IEEE T&D Conference & Exposition’s next edition will take place in Denver, Colorado, on April 16- 19, 2018. As a major stakeholder of the industry, Sicame will again be present. We hope to meet you there again!