The SICAME Group and TORINO POWER SOLUTIONS announce a cooperative agreement covering IoT sensors

After 18 months of technical assessments and a test campaign, begun in late 2017 in SICAME and DERVAUX SA laboratories, on the passive IoT sensor (PLM) developed for monitoring overhead lines by the Canadian TORINO POWER SOLUTIONS, the two companies have been able to finalise a Memorandum of Understanding covering common objectives.

On the one hand, to determine the performance and reliability of the PLM sensor with a view to marketing it to the SICAME GROUP's customers. On the other hand, to study existing IoT development possibilities and include PLM sensors on the Group’s IoT platform. The TORINO Group chose Sicame as a partner that, besides being a world leader in electricity transmission and distribution line accessories, is considered as an innovative business in its markets.

The collaboration between SICAME GROUP and TORINO is a unique opportunity to develop solutions for monitoring electricity transmission and distribution networks for Utility companies.

The managements of each business are enthusiastic about the promising outlook of introducing these new technologies in the essential energy sector, where the quest for quality of supply to the customer, fewer power outages and network asset management has become essential.