SICAME Australia presents MTRS, a new range of mechanical splices for overhead cables

The MTRS mechanical splice is a new way of connecting energised overhead distribution cables.

They were initially developed in Australia mainly to supply the US market with a reliable connection system for aluminium conductors as well as to replace the problematic «automatic» splices often used by public utilities. Only 4 models are needed to cover the different conductor configurations, from 6 to 22 mm in diameter.

They are quick and simple to fit with a battery-powered tool or a hydraulic impact spanner using a 6-point socket.


  • Limited range that covers all needs.
  • No need for heavy or expensive crimping tools.
  • Suitable for old and new conductors.
  • Ideal as a repair splice to provide the correct connection on conductors.
  • No more risk of oxidation risk during installation. Public utilities and fitters in the United States, Australia and New Zealand were the first to buy these products

The MTRS range is a real innovation with global application opportunities for the Distribution SBU on the world market.

SICAME Australia présente MTRS, une nouvelle gamme de jonction à serrage mécanique pour câbles aériens