SBI Connectors wins a project in Canada

SBI Connectors won a MANITOBA HYDRO project in Canada to fit out two very high voltage transformer substations as part of the Bipole III transport infrastructure project. The order covering two 345kV substations was the fruit of the joint efforts of SBI, SALVI and CICAME Energie’s teams.

The Bipole III project is under development in Manitoba and covers the transport of HV direct current that will supply renewable energies to the South of Manitoba (Canada) and the USA, thus contributing to reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Due for completion in 2018, Bipole III will enhance the reliability and supply of electricity in Manitoba by reducing dependence on the current HV DC transport lines.

MANITOBA HYDRO is one of Canada’s leading energy utilities and Bipole III is currently one of the 20 major projects under development for this type of infrastructure in North America.

Bipole III