Reception at the Pompadour sites and award of the gold connectors

As every year, in line with the tradition, the new year wishes evening took place in a festive atmosphere preceded by the awaited speeches of the manage- ment teams of the local subsidiaries, SICAME, MECATRACTION and the Group without forgetting the award of the gold connectors.

After profound changes made in 2015, 2016 was described as a “broadly stable” year allowing people to look forward confidently to 2017 which will be a year full of projects.

At this evening, Vincent ROY and Laurent JOLLIET, the new CEO of MECATRACTION paid a vibrant tribute to Daniel PEYRAMAURE for the immense work done at the head of one of the great successes of the Group in terms of development. Thus, the life of the Group is continuing with a hand-over of the baton to ensure the future and long life of the company. Of course, local elected representatives were present for the speech and the gathering which is a high point of the local life of the district of Pompadour.

vin dhonneur