Our Group is committed to hiring disabled workers

SICAME GROUP is committed every day to the hiring and ongoing employment of workers with disabilities.
As such, its three French sites in the Sephanoise region, DERVAUX DISTRIBUTION (Saint-Martin-la- Plaine), DERVASIL (Saint-Joseph) and DERVAUX (le Cham-bon-Feugerolles) met at Chambon-Feuge-rolles on 14 May to pursue the implementation of the disability policy proposed by the Group for each of its establishments.
On this occasion, Antoine ROSSIGNOL, Chairman of DERVAUX and Financial/IT/Legal Director of the Group, Nadine VALET, Group HR Director, Cécile DEIXONNE, HR Director France, Pierre LACHAUD, Chairman of the SICAME Endowment Fund were in attendance to confirm the Group's commitment to encouraging its subsidiaries to open themselves to people who are too often excluded.
As a nod to our disabled fencing champion, Yannick IFEBE, a triple medalist at the World Fencing Cham¬pionship in Rome in 2017, the programme for the day included a visit to Blaise Frères, a neighbouring company in Dervaux and the largest manufacturer of competition blades used by high-level fencers.
It should be remembered that Yannick is one of two athletes supported by the SICAME Endowment Fund
in preparation for selection for the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2020. The Chambon-Feu- gerolles town council, represented by the Mayor and his advisers, were also invited.
As a reminder, 6.6% of the Group's workforce is made up of workers with disabilities.

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