MECATRACTION and the Connector/Tool SBU have adopted YuMi®, the first collaborative robot to be deployed at the Pompadour site

The arrival of robots in both the public and professional sectors is no longer a fantasy from science fiction, it is a reality which is proliferating quickly. 

MECATRACTION‘s assembly line for captive lug nuts for the automotive market now includes a collaborative robot called YuMi®, baptized "MEYA" by MECATRACTION. 

The robotisation project, initiated in 2017, has many advantages. On the one hand it provides highly significant improvements in productivity and competitiveness, and on the other, it moves MECATRACTION forward in terms of industrial development and production. 

Robotics is a powerful way to keep up with a market that is accelerating its industrial 2.0 transformation, especially in the automotive sector. Furthermore, this new tool should help us to keep production at existing sites and to guarantee flexibility and quality of service for customers. 

YuMi® is a collaborative robot developed by ABB, it has 2 arms and is intended for the assembly of small parts. It also features flexible hands, a universal part feeding system, integrated vision and state-of-the-art trajectory management. 

The robot weighs only 35 kg and can handle parts weighing less than 500g. It is extremely agile and can share operator environments safely. Programming is simplified thanks to "Lead Through Programming" (the robot records the positions in which the operator manually places it), which allows anyone, even without programming skills, to teach movements to YuMi®. His arrival will change the human / machine relationship within the company, and more broadly within the SBUs. It is a precursor of the factory of the future.