The MALT* contract has been won for the AHMEDABAD MEGA Metro in India

SICAME INDIA is heavily involved in the Safety SBU’s products and has won a contract for nearly 150 CATU Earthing Units for the Ahmedabad metro, the future transit line for the cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar in Gujarat. Construction of the Ahmedabad metro began on March 14, 2015 and the first phase is expected to be completed by 2020. This forms part of an extensive Indian urban transit infrastructure development programme.

Saravanan GOWRISHANKAR, SICAME INDIA’s Business Manager, is working with CATU staff to qualify an adaptation of the Metro MALT which was already successfully developed for the SINGAPORE metro. CATU, which therefore had a reliable and proven solution which is easily adaptable to the characteristics of the tracks and rails, was the winner in a highly competitive field in India. The development and adaptation of the product for this contract has given SICAME INDIA and CATU the opportunity to work with SYSTRA, a consultant for this Metro project as well as most others taking place in India.

This promising contract opens the door to others in India and elsewhere around the world, where urban mass transit is growing strongly as cities grow in size.