Join the Group’s social media pages: a great way to get in touch with your professional community

The Group has been on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ since March 2016 and wants to share its information and experiences via these new interactive channels. The aim of this is not just to raise the Group’s profile and appeal, but also to initiate a professional network and forge links between employees.

Each and every one of us is, at a personal level, the number 1 ambassador of the SICAME brand. By joining the Group’s social media pages, you can increase the Group’s visibility, as well as your own! What’s more, sharing and interacting with the content on SICAME’s pages will play a major role in:

  • putting a face to the brand and boosting its image,
  • achieving relevant goals,
  • showcasing our expertise,
  • more generally, raising awareness amongst peers and contacts on professional aspects in the Group and developing the desire not just to share content on social networks but also to work for the Group.

In early September, the Group sent out an email to all employees encouraging them to join this on- line community. The email contained a brochure summarising the various advantages and funda- mentals of being active on social media.

Rejoindre les réseaux sociaux, une bonne manière de vivre sa communauté pro