International launch seminars: playing up the Active 4D!

As part of the launch of its latest connected PDA model, Franklin France has been organising a number of international seminars to seduce stakeholders within the lightening protection industry.

The first event was held in Central America, to explain in detail how the connected onboard station works in the Active 4D. A seminar greatly appreciated by customers who came from all over America to attend.

Early February, a seminar mostly focusing on lightening and protection means was held in Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire). The participants were mostly companies in the lightening protection field, distributors as well as installers from Western Africa, Central Africa and Morocco. The seminar was presented by a lightening specialist, Pr. Gerard Berger, who flew in specially from France.

These events unify participants, and were first developed by several of the Group’s subsidiaries, and mainly by Franklin France for the last few years. They promise to establish a real link between stakeholders and decision-makers who consider and position the organising company as a specialist in the field.

Séminaires internationaux de lancement : opération séduction pour l’Active 4D !