Intergroup tournament

The 14th annual football and badminton tournament, which sees various teams representing companies of the SICAME Group come together, took place at the Regain centre in Sainte-Tulle. This venue is also a training centre for EDF fitters.

Those taking part in the tournament were able to take a look at the infrastructure used by the fitters in training. Especially for the occasion, DUVAL MESSIEN had set up a truck equipped with storm detection equipment. As usual, the participants were able to discuss the products manufactured by their respective companies and to better familiarise themselves with the entire range of products that the SICAME Group offers. The tournament also allowed them to get to know one another better.

The football and badminton tournaments saw 9 teams pitted against each other in a spirit of friendship and fair play and an all-round good atmosphere.

The final of the football competition saw SICAME up against DERVASIL, with the latter coming out victors. As for the badminton, the crown is heading back to Pompadour, with the MECATRACTION team defeating the DERVASIL team.

Again this year, the number of teams fell, especially in badminton. We strongly hope to see an increase in the number of football and badminton teams at next year’s event!

Tournoi Intergroupe