The Group is sponsoring the 4L TROPHY 2017

By sponsoring the 4L Trophy, the Group is supporting a rally working for a good cause. Indeed, the 4L Trophy is a humanitarian rally. Sublieutenants Malaury and Antoine, Gazelle helicopter pilots in the 1st RHC, crew of the sponsored 4L, carried stocks of school supplies, paramedical equipment and small sporting items for the poor populations of the regions crossed. With a taste for adventure, Antoine and Malaury, both 27 years old, signed up for the rally with a derogation allowing these servicemen to take part in the largest student rally in the world. The 2017 edition set off from Biarritz on 16 February and finished in Marrakech on 26 of the same month. Between these two dates, the crew drove 6,000 km over roads, Moroccan tracks, dust and sand.