The group mobilized on the occasion of the European Week of Employment for People with Disabilities

The European week for the employment of people with disabilities was an opportunity for the group to mobilize to raise awareness within the various French and European subsidiaries about the need for integration, training, retention of employment and accessibility for people with disabilities.

For the first time, sessions have been organized around speeches, meetings and discussions between employees and disabled people who have exceeded their limits to achieve their goals and dreams.

Yannick IFEBE, one of our two disabled athletes and a perfect example of surpassing oneself in sport, came to give a talk at CATU on his motivations and desires in spite of his handicap, to force destiny and to seek out excellence.

DERVAUX took the opportunity to welcome two people with disabilities to enable them to discover the company’s business both in the workshops and the administrative departments.

We also received a visit from Maria DOYLE, an Irish woman with an unusual destiny: Maria, who was born into a very poor family, became blind at the age of nine. Thanks to her talent, her courage and her passion for singing, she was able to realize one of her dreams and to represent her country in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. But the story does not end there, her extraordinary journey continued in France where she had 7 children and carried on the fight with her song. With the help of Lorraine de Plunkett at Plon, she has just published a book titled “'One Sees Clearly Only with the Heart”. Her kindness and generosity were evident in the sometimes moving discussions she had with SICAME and MECATRACTION employees when she spoke at the Pompadour hall. The Group handed out copies of the book which she was able to sign.

The Group's Human Resources Department is committed to a culture of inclusion and retention regarding disabled people. The endowment fund also actively supports people with disabilities.