Franklin France connected lightning conductors for the largest mosque in Algiers

FRANKLIN FRANCE has been chosen to protect Djamaa El Dajazair, the large mosque in Algiers, the largest mosque in Africa and the third largest in the world, with the installation of 20 PDAs from the Active 2D and Active 4D ranges. This mosque is designed to accommodate 120,000 of the faithful from 2019. The Chinese company responsible for construction, proposed protecting the site with the latest generation of lightning conductors. It took two years to convince the relevant ministry. The protection of open spaces, appearance, the 'connected lightning conductor' solution and price (compared with the passive solution) were the main selling points for changing the established specifications. The Active 4D system, reporting an approaching storm risk, was a real selling point for the Ministry. It warns the faithful about the approaching storm and the urgency of reaching a safe place. The Active 4D device and crescent that sit atop the dome of the mosque are covered in gold; FRANKLIN FRANCE is responsible for supplying the 6-metre-high gold crescent, culminating 80 metres up, incorporating a first Active 4D lightning conductor, also covered in gold leaf. A partnership has been established with French gilders and artisan workshops, as well as with FRANKLIN FRANCE, to create the ornament. A second crescent about 4 metres long will be installed inside the 270 m-high minaret. The first lightning conductors and the first crescent moon were installed in July 2018. The other lightning conductors and the second ornament will be installed during the second half of the year.