ESE conductor packaging: New solution for cushioning products through the use of expanding foam

The Lightning Protection SBU now has a packaging machine at its site in Ozoir-la-Ferrière that uses expansive foam cushioning. The machine has many advantages.

The purpose of the new packaging system was to adapt to the highly peculiar shape of the new FRANKLIN FRANCE and DUVAL MESSIEN lightning conductors. The machine can actually create various sizes of foam-filled cushions which are used to ensure the equipment is protected as effectively as possible during handling and transportation. Likewise, its compact design helps protect the equipment while using up a minimum amount of space, since the shape of the foam cushion adapts to the shape of each product. Thanks to this machine, a just-in-time manufacturing approach is possible. This consequently reduced storage of packing materials. Lastly, the machine enables time-saving since it is a flexible solution that adapts both to the product and the packaging box. Each cushion is also reusable.

This solution has quickly become more economical than other more traditional packaging solutions. The machine may be able to meet some of the other needs within the Group.

Emballage PDA : Nouvelle solution de calage spécifique en mousse expansivel