CATU launches its new range of high-voltage B detectors

A brand new range of high-voltage B detectors has just been launched by CATU. The CC-265 is radically different from the old technology. It is a capacitive compact electronic voltage detector.

When it detects voltage, the system gives off a 360° light and audible indication for better visibility.

The box is more compact in shape and was designed to be used in the rain. It is also more resistant to impacts and more drop-proof.

The range already comprises 11 products for voltages ranging from 44 to 765 kV. The CC-265 is compliant with IEC 61243-1 requirements. Each detector is delivered with 3 contact electrodes and 3 pole end fittings (K, C, W types).

CATU lance sa nouvelle gamme de détecteurs de tension HTB