New SICAME UK LV boxes for distribution networks in the United Kingdom

In order to adapt to the new requirements of the operators of LV networks in the United Kingdom and to remain competitive in this growing mar-ket, SICAME UK has designed a new range of UG Link boxes, developed and tested according to the stringent requirements of its customers (UK DNO) while maintaining the elements of the design and construction of the range of current products. Design that has always contributed to the success of the company over the past 20 years, a period during which SICAME UK has supplied and installed more than 19,000 units on the British LV distribution network.

The Mk3 range of products uses new materials and a new method of rapid manufacturing, minimising the assembly time needed for the assembly of the central «pre-moulded” part, which is fundamental for the operational lifespan of the product which is expected to last for more than 40 years.
Many other improvements, in terms of design, allow the product to be given resistance to mechanical and electrical constraints.
The products have now completed their test pro-gramme, which now allows SICAME UK to offer this range to its usual customers.