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The Group has recently opened the brand new plant of its subsidiary SICAME INDIA on a modern site located in the Indian countryside around Tamil Nadu near Chennai.

Almost 18 months ago, on a vast expanse of vegetation (displayed on "Google earth") in the Tamil Nadu countryside, the Group made the bold gamble to set up the new factory of its subsidiary SICAME INDIA.

A gamble which paid off with the inauguration on 23 September 2011 attended my many officials and members of the Group.

The opening day was planned with a view to make this event a memorable one, as much for the many guests as for all of the company's staff who played a major part in the preparations.

After the reception for guests and officials, the ribbon was cut by Mr Pierre FOURNIER the French Consul-General, assisted by the Indian Minister for Industry D. Saalai MARAAN, Mr Pierre LACHAUD Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Mr Patrick LIBERT member of COE and delegated Director for India, and Mr Guillaume VALLE, CEO of SICAME INDIA. This symbolic gesture opened the ceremonies.

A temporary structure had been erected outside the plant so that the event could proceed with the inauguration speeches that served to evoke the economic and cultural links between France and India, as well as the Group's objectives for the conquest of local markets for line accessories.

Especially for this occasion, and exhibition space was installed at the same location, and used to showcase for the guests, the products developed and distributed by the subsidiary.

The festivities concluded with a lunch where the guests could mingle with company employees.

Of course, this project could never have been achieved without the skills, courage and unfailing commitment of an entire team and its manager.
A big thank you to Guillaume VALLE and his "Indian Sicamers" for this success that lays the way for many others.

The new plant has been operational since the end of August, following the many difficulties inherent to Indian usage, in particular concerning the electricity supply to the plant, that required the construction of 14km of overhead power lines.
With a production area of 2300m2, a 250m2 laboratory and almost 700m2 of office space, the site is fully operational.

But SICAME INDIA is not only a fine plant with a skilled team, it is also an aggressive sales force with offices in New Delhi and Mumbai, as well as a network of distributors that spans the entire country.
With its major assets, SICAME INDIA is in a good position to, in the near future, take a significant share of the Indian market in network equipment for all voltage ranges.

Once again, a round of applause for our INDIAN SICAMERS!